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This site presents publications coming out of research projects carried out by Valéry Ridde (1) and his colleagues. The purpose of this site is, on one hand, to share knowledge and ideas on different themes related to global health, and on the other, to give all researchers, students and professionals, as well as decision-makers and others involved in the healthcare system, free access to research results.

Grouped under five main themes—humanitarian aid, health policy analysis, equity of access to healthcare, social inequalities of health, and research methodology—these publications primarily present current projects and the results of action-research projects carried out in Africa to study and solve the issue of access to healthcare for those who are worst-off and most vulnerable.

Please contact us for any question or demand regarding our work on access to healthcare & program evaluation

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    1. Valéry Ridde, is a Research Director at CEPED since December 2017, a joint research unit associating the University of Paris Descartes and the Research Institute for sustainable Development (IRD). He is a regular researcher at the Public Health Research Institute of the University of Montreal (IRSPUM). From 2007 to 2017, he was Professor of Global Health at the University of Montreal. He is associate editor of the journals BMJ Global Health and Global Health Promotion and a member of the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation and African journal Recherche Qualitative. His research focuses on universal health coverage, health care financing, evaluation, public policies and the knowledge transfer.