Application et défis de l’utilisation de méthodes mixtes dans la recherche sur les systèmes de santé (en anglais).


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Last Wednesday, November 16, Valéry Ridde and her colleagues Manuela De Allegri, Quan Nha Hong, Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay and Nicolas Ortiz Ruis organized a session on mixed methods at HSR 2016 (Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research), which took place in Vancouver throughout the whole week. The session, entitled “Application and challenges to the use of mixed methods in health systems research” was presented under the theme “Future learning and evaluation approaches for health system development”.

Through a mix of presentations and active group participatory approaches, this session aimed at identifying experiences, challenges, and solutions related to the application of mixed methods protocols in health systems research across a variety of settings in high, low and middle income countries.

With more than 60 participants, this session was a success, and the presentations made during this session are presented below, at the request of the participants.


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For references, you can refer to our wikitools here, (or here in its french version) as well as the ARPH paper: Pierre Pluye & Quan Nha Hong (2014). Combining the power of stories and the power of numbers: Mixed Methods Research and Mixed Studies Reviews. Annual Review of Public Health, 35:29-45. A webinar on mixed-methods published online by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology is also available here.

It can be downloaded free of charge here. Please note that this URL is for your own personal use: “Any further/multiple distribution, publication, or commercial usage of this copyrighted material requires submission of a permission request addressed to the Copyright Clearance Center“.  The review was submitted to Systematic Reviews (open access journal) but is not published yet.