Toll-free number providing an interactive voice server

An action research project has been conducted to evaluate the relevance of a free voice server to improve health governance in Burkina Faso.


Establishing a free telephone line would give the opportunity to users, and to the population as a whole, to report any dysfunction experienced within the healthcare system, e.g. the ineffectiveness of interventions aiming for “free” medical care. 


The need for accountability, for a responsive healthcare system, and for user empowerment is significant in both Burkina Faso and its sub-region. Currently, there is no management of grievances concerning the Burkinabe healthcare system, which can occasionally create tension.


This action research initiative is part of the continuity of our works that aim to evaluate the effectiveness of health policies and of “free healthcare services”. It will also help answer the main concerns of several groups involved such as the government, technical and financial partners, and parliamentarians concerning the implementation and control of grant programs that have slowed down the progress for this type of strategy. 


The automation of the “toll-free” telephone line is a technological innovation that is currently being tested in India (My Health, My Voice project) and that will be totally novel in the Burkinabe environment and its sub-regions.

 Geographical data processing will allow us to trace calls and to map the data gathered and as well as the results.