A tool-kit for the evaluation of sustainability processes and
sustainability levels of public health programs and projects

TOOL 1: Sustainability process


Step 1 (collection): Complete as many Tool 1 forms as necessary (e.g. one form per interview)Step 2 (synthesis): Complete one Tool 1 form (synthesis-table) per organization or organization type). See the How to use Tool 1 section.


Concerning the program/project Events (e.g. actions taken) Favourable Unfavourable
Specific sustainability events
Stabilization of organizational resources
Organizational risk-taking
Joint sustainability and implementation events
Incentives or benefits for people involved
Adaptation of the activities
Objectives fit with those of the organization
Transparent communication between people involved
Sharing of culture and artefacts with the organization
Integration of rules into those of the organization
Specific implementation events
Investment of adequate resources to complete the activities
Technical or practical compatibility of the activities with those of the organization


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