A tool-kit for the evaluation of sustainability processes and
sustainability levels of public health programs and projects

TOOL 2. Sustainability level

Step 1 (collection): Complete as many Tool 2 forms as necessary (e.g. one form per interview).
Step 2 (synthesis): Complete one Tool 2 form (synthesis-table) per organization or organization type).

See the How to use Tool 2 section.

Concerning the program/project Yes No Indicators (Justify your yes/no answers)
Memory (specific indicators)
Financial resources of the organization
Human resources of the organization
Material resources of the organization
Other resources of the organization
Adaptation (specific indicators)
Adaptation to the context
Adaptation to the effects
Barriers to adaptation
Values (specific indicators)
Coherence with the organization’s objectives
Symbols in the organization
Rituals in the organization
Specific language or jargon
Rules (specific indicators)
Nomination of a supervisor from the organization
Inclusion in the organization’s planning
Tasks description
Written procedures
Institutional standards (specific indicators)
Accordance with public policy

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