Research dissemination workshops: observations and implications based on an experience in Burkina Faso

Health research policy and systems journal coverThis article, written by Esther Mc Sween-Cadieux, Christian Dagenais, Paul-André Somé and Valéry Ridde, was published on June 2nd, 2017, in the Volume 15, issue 1 of the Health Research Policy and Systems Journal. It presents observations and implications of a workshop held in Burkina Faso and the effects it produced on research results use and the processes that facilitated, or not, the application of the knowledge transmitted. (more…)

A qualitative study of health professionals’ uptake and perceptions of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in Burkina Faso

This article is published in Malaria Journal and is written by Sylvie Zongo, Valérie Farquet and Valéry Ridde. This research article is published in open access and you can download it hereunder.

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Zongo, S., Farquet, V., & Ridde, V. (2016). A qualitative study of health professionals’ uptake and perceptions of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in Burkina Faso. Malaria Journal, 15(190). Download


Utilization of community health workers for malaria treatment : results from a three-year panel study in the districts of Kaya and Zorgho, Burkina Faso

An article of Thomas Druetz, Valéry Ridde, Seni Kouanda, Antarou Ly, Souleymane Diabaté and Slim Haddad published in Malaria Journal on february 13, 2015.


Background: Malaria is holo-endemic in Burkina Faso and causes approximately 40,000 deaths every year. In 2010, health authorities scaled up community case management of malaria with artemisinin-based combination therapy. Previous trials and pilot project evaluations have shown that this strategy may be feasible, acceptable, and effective under controlled implementation conditions. However, little is known about its effectiveness or feasibility/acceptability under real-world conditions of implementation at national scale. (more…)

Presence of dengue fever in semi-urban areas of two health districts in Burkina Faso

The global incidence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades. In Burkina Faso, the last description of acute cases was back in 1982. During an annual population-based survey in Kaya and Zorgho, two semi-urban areas, febrile individuals from 0-10 years old were evaluated for malaria and dengue virus (DENV). Rapid tests were performed and additional samples on filter paper were taken from every patient with a positive result and every tenth negative, to perform reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assays. From 259 children (150 in Kaya and 109 in Zorgho), 52.1% were positive for malaria and 6.9% for dengue while 45.2% remained undifferentiated. The RT-PCR results show the presence of DENV2 and DENV4. These findings reveal the presence of DENV in the country and the need to conduct research and actions on non-malaria febrile diseases in the region. (more…)