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The REALISME Papers Collection

Launched in 2014, the aim of the REALISME Research Chair is to develop the emerging field of implementation science in global health. More specifically, its objective is to improve the implementation of community-based interventions to make them more effective from a health equity standpoint. In this context, the Chair is inaugurating a new collection of research documents dealing with community-based health interventions in low-income countries and/or with issues concerning the more vulnerable populations in these countries and in Canada. The REALISME Papers have been created in response to a certain number of problems:

  • Insufficient dissemination of studies in French and Spanish on the topic of public health as applied to global health, because of the predominance of English as the language of dissemination.
  • Limited access for researchers in certain countries, and for most stakeholders, to research published in subscription-based journals.
  • Open-access fees charged by scientific journals that limit students’ and early-career researchers’ capacity to share their knowledge in these journals.
  • Long and onerous publication processes imposed by scientific journals.

Given these problems, many studies are not published because of lengthy procedures, language constraints, and strict requirements related to scientific quality. The objective of these Papers is therefore to ensure the rapid dissemination of good-quality research and reflection on the Chair’s themes, in open-access, without fees, in French, English and Spanish. The REALISME Papers encourage graduate-level students (master’s, doctoral), postdoctoral fellows and researchers working in French, English or Spanish to submit their manuscripts. The following types of publications will be accepted:

  • Scientific articles or reports
  • Commentaries and opinions
  • Descriptions and analyses of interventions (e.g. logic model of an intervention)


Lara Gautier, coordinator

Editorial board:

Maria José Arauz Galarza

Lara Gautier

Marie Munoz

Valéry Ridde

Émilie Robert

Emmanuel Sambieni

Sylvie Zongo

Collection coordinator:

Lara Gautier