Knowledge sharing in global health research – the impact, uptake and cost of open access to scholarly literature

This study was published in open access in the Health Research Policy and Systems Journal. The authors, Elise Smith, Stefanie Haustein, Philippe Mongeon, Fei Shu, Valéry Ridde and Vincent Larivière, aim to assess the use, cost and impact of OA diffusion in the context of Global Health Research. The article is available in free access below on this page.


Research dissemination workshops: observations and implications based on an experience in Burkina Faso

Health research policy and systems journal coverThis article, written by Esther Mc Sween-Cadieux, Christian Dagenais, Paul-André Somé and Valéry Ridde, was published on June 2nd, 2017, in the Volume 15, issue 1 of the Health Research Policy and Systems Journal. It presents observations and implications of a workshop held in Burkina Faso and the effects it produced on research results use and the processes that facilitated, or not, the application of the knowledge transmitted. (more…)

Workshop CKF16: Deliberative dialogues as a tool for knowledge mobilization

This presentation on deliberative workshops as knowledge transfer tools was carried out by Christian Dagenais for a workshop being held as part of the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2016 in Toronto. The presentation summarizes the reflections of Christian Dagenais, Esther Mc Sween-Cadieux and Valéry Ridde from holding several deliberative workshops as part of a research project on health equity in Burkina Faso. (more…)